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OTS Examination Handbook: Earnings

Number Issue Date Title
EH 410 11/2004 Financial Records and Reports
EH 410p 04/2011 Program
EH 430 04/2011 Operations Analysis
EH 430p 04/2011 Program
EH 430aa 08/2003 Appendix A: Derivation of ROA and ROE
EH 430ab 08/2003 Appendix B: Adequacy of Return on Investment
EH 430ac 08/2003 Appendix C: Reconciliation of Intercompany Accounts
EH 440 06/2002 Present Value Analysis
EH 440aa 06/2002 Appendix A: Present and Future Values
EH 440ab 06/2002 Appendix B: Keystrokes