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Interpretations and Actions: March 2015

Vol. 28, No. 3

Supervisory Conditions

Letter No. Topic
2015-07 (PDF) BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A., San Francisco, California – Modification of Operating Agreement (Article III, Capital and Liquidity Requirements) 08/06/2013

Corporate Decisions

Letter No. Topic
2015-02 (PDF) Application by First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Delta, Delta, Ohio, to convert from a stock to mutual form of organization and to establish an operating subsidiary. (Control Number: RE-2014-0067, 0068, and 00693), 02/05/2015

CRA Decisions

Letter No. Topic
165 (PDF) Application by Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to establish a mobile branch serving the geographic area of Kerr County, Texas, with a designated location of 115 School Road, Ingram, Texas. (Control Number: 2014-LB-BranchNew-137270), 02/15/2015

Conditional Approvals

Letter No. Topic
1119 (PDF) Application by People’s United Bank, Bridgeport, Connecticut to convert from a federal savings bank to a national bank with the title of People’s United Bank, National Association. (Control Number: 2014-NE-Conversion-140175), 02/06/2015
1120 (PDF) Application filed by Cadence Bank for the issuance of subordinated debt for inclusion as Tier 2 Capital. (Control Number: 2014-SO-Capital&Div-138896), 02/11/2015

Final Enforcement Actions

See OCC News Release 2015-41 announcing the availability of enforcement actions. All final enforcement actions are searchable.

Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Performance Evaluations

See OCC News Release 2015-33 announcing all CRA performance evaluations that became public from February 1, 2015, through February 28, 2015. A search of all public CRA evaluations can be done.

PLEASE NOTE: Interpretive Letters and No-Objection Letters reflect the views of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) legal staff. Corporate Decisions, CRA Decisions and Conditional Approvals are from the office of Licensing Activities. The Community Development Investment Letters are from the office of Community Affairs. The Supervisory Conditions Letters are from the Special Supervision Division. The list of CRA Ratings is from the Communications Division.

You can obtain copies of CRA evaluations or enforcement actions by writing to the Freedom of Information Act Officer, Communications Division, OCC, 400 7th Street, SW, Suite 3E-218, Mail Stop 6W-11, Washington, DC 20219. You may also submit a request electronically at the OCC’s online FOIA site. Please provide all identifying information when requesting documents. You may also contact the bank directly for copies of the CRA evaluations.

The OCC publishes INTERPRETATIONS AND ACTIONS monthly. Send suggestions, comments or questions to Jacqueline England, Disclosure Services, Communications Division, OCC, 400 7th Street, SW, Suite 3E-218, Mail Stop 6W-11, Washington, DC 20219.